NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day - 03/04/2020
NASA Science: The Traffic in Taurus Hungarian photo is the picture of the day at NASA Picture of the day at NASA became a Hungarian photo
APOD Podcast: 2020 April 03 - The Traffic in Taurus

Videotizer: APOD: 2020-04-03 - The Traffic in Taurus

Nők Lapja Café: NASA chooses the magical image by the Hungarian astrophotographer as the picture of the day
Ridikül: Hungarian photo is the picture of the day at NASA
Weltraumbild des Tages: Stau im Stier
Ciel des Hommes: Vénus s'approche des Pléiades
Futura dans les étoiles: Il y a un embouteillage dans le Taurus ces derniers temps El Tráfico en Taurus El tráfico en Tauro Hustý provoz v Býkovi
Kaposvár Most: Hungarian photographer's photo of the day at NASA
Mai Manó Ház Blog: Weekly news
Bejing Planetarium: 金牛座内的交通 (Traffic in Taurus) Движение в Тельце (Traffic in Taurus)

National Talent Program:
National Talent Program: Congratulations to our Scholar! - Hungarian photo is a picture of the day at NASA
National Talent Program: Success and pride
Family-friendly Hungary: Have you heard about this year's application opportunities for the National Talent Program?
Magyar Nemzet: Vital support for talented young people

SpaceX Crew Dragon - photo from Hungary (30/05/2020) The SpaceX spacecraft was also seen over Hungary - picture
TV2 - Tények: They also saw the spaceship from Hungary The Crew Dragon in space was also visible above Tápióbicske
Svábhegyi Observatory: Live astronomy with László Kiss
Ripost: The SpaceX spacecraft was also seen over Hungary - it was successfully docked
Blikk: Incredible shot: A photographer captured the Space X spaceship over Tápióbicske - photo
PC World: Here you can view amazing photos of the SpaceX launch of Saturday
Csillagvizsgáló Blog: Purpose Achieved: Crew Dragon Arrives at ISS

C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) - the naked eye comet (summer 2020) A spectacular comet was captured by a Hungarian astrophotographer The NEOWISE comet emerged from the rays of the Sun and looks very encouraging in the photos
Hungarian Astronomical Association: Visibility of the NEOWISE comet
Szeretlek Magyarország: A spectacular comet came close to Earth, captured by a Hungarian photographer
Blikk: The Hungarian photographer made a spectacular shot of a comet coming close to Earth
iPon: Yet there was a naked eye comet for the summer

The Starwatchers - A film about the passion and enthusiasm of the Hungarian amateur astronomers and about the Hungarian Astronomical Association, Hungarian documentary (75 min, 2018)
Directed by: Balázs Szőke

Photos: 1: The unstoppable Fireworks Galaxy, 2: The Messier 13 globular cluster, 3: Waxing Crescent

All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) - Twitter
"Really great pictures of ASASSN-18fv and the Carina nebula by Lionel Majzik"
"Another 2018 ASAS-SN discovery, very bright Galactic Nova ASASSN-18fv, also has a paper today"


Siding Spring Observatory - Facebook
"Great shot using an iTelescope unit at SSO."

AstroPhotography - Instagram
Perseids - Composite of meteors

El Universo Hoy
La galaxia NGC 6946 y la Supernova SN 2017eaw
Imagen de la Nebulosa de Carina y la Nova Carinae 2018

Meteor - Journal of the Hungarian Astronomical Association
December 2017: NGC 6946 GX Cyg/Cep (p. 53)
April 2018: The conjunctions of  comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN) and the NGC 1624 (p. 35)

June 2018: The Nova Car 2018 (p. 44)

September 2018: Vend 47 (p. 46)
December 2018: Summer in Óbuda - Night of Museums (p. 27)
April 2019: 64P/Swift-Gehrels (p. 44)
July-August 2019: M100 GX Com + SN2019ehk (p. 78) and M51 GX CVn + AT2019abn LBV (p. 80)

September 2019: Partial lunar eclipse on July 16th (p. 58)
December 2019: The proximity of the 46P/Wirtanen comet to Earth (p. 39)
March 2020: Iwamoto's third comet (p. 32)
April 2020: 260P/McNaught (p. 38)
June 2020: Peak traffic in the sky (p. 38); C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) 21/02/2020 and 18/03/2020 (p. 41-42)


Hungarian Astronomical Association - Celestial calendar
September 2019: 260P/McNaught
April 2020: C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)
May 2020: C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)

July 2020: C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS)

The Watchers - Hubble telescope captures comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) crumbling into 25 pieces
29/04/2020 - Cometa di Natale (dalla scia verde): arriva nei nostri cieli 46P/Wirtanen


Noi și Cerul - Valentin Grigore astronomical educational program on the Romanian Columna TV.

08/01/2019: 46P/Wirtanen
15/01/2019: 46P/Wirtanen


National Geographic Hungary
15/09/2019: Celestial phenomena in the second half of September 2019
14/06/2020: Celestial phenomena in the second half of June 2020 - Planetology to Everyone
30/07/2019: Roaming in Turda Gorge - The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county news portal
01/10/2019: This year also attracted a lot of researchers in our county

Berény Café

06/10/2018: Long night in the Campus
03/10/2019: Afternoon of explorers


Jászkürt - Newspaper of Jászberény

04/10/2018: Long night in the Campus - XXX./40. p. 1 and 5
03/10/2019: Afteroon of explorers in the library - XXXI./40. p. 1 and 6

The Weston Mercury - The 13 best scenic views in and around North Somerset
Portishead Marina

North Somerset Times
08/08/2017: Rain weather warning issued for North Somerset Bad weather in Clevedon
19/05/2020: Suggestions for best walks around Portishead sought for tourism website


M2 Petőfi TV - I am here

Astrophoto exhibition in the Hungarian Natural History Museum - All-sky panorama at night from Tápióbicske



Vend47 - my photos about a new symbiotic variable star which discovered by a Hungarian amateur astronomer 15/08/2018
Guest Star Hunter blog: 14/08/2018
Hungarian Amateur Astronomers - MACSNET: 14/08/2018
National Geographic Hungary: 01/09/2018

OzoneTV: 13/10/2018

Hungarian Interactive Television - The Christmas comet has reached its historic approach


Astro Bob - Two Comets Pass In The Night And More Amazing Cosmic Sights
2019. 09. 09.

Androgeek - One of the brightest comets will be seen again at next week

Royal Museums Greenwich - What would you do to take the perfect astrophoto? Tales from behind the camera
Creature comforts - "...a lot of funny or awkward situations can happen" by Lionel Majzik

Astronomy Photographer of the Year: Collection 6

Waxing Crescent (p. 157)
Royal Observatory Greenwich. Collins; London, UK.


Printed publications, interviews:

Other publications:


The Astrophotographer's Guidebook: A Complete Guide to the Best Astrophotography Targets of the Year
NGC 869 & NGC 884; Double Cluster in Perseus (p. 140)
Galactic Hunter. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Meteor - Journal of the Hungarian Astronomical Association, Budapest, Hungary
January 2020: The Bubble Nebula (article and image attachment)
Yearbook 2019: The tenth supernova in Fireworks Galaxy (image attachment)
June 2018: The Carina Nebula (image attachment)


Journal für Astronomie - Vereinigung der Sternfreunde e. V., Germany

IV/2018 (Nr. 67.): Die Farben des Mondes - Schritt für Schritt (cover, p. 1 and 35)


Dobszó - Newspaper of Tápióbicske, Hungary
April 2020: About Lionel Majzik's exhibitions
November 2018: About my exhibited photographs... (+ cover)
November 2017: Lionel Majzik visited to London
August 2016: The young talents of our village


Coelum Astronomia - Italy
Numero 234: Una Supernova in M 100 (p. 120-121)

Karc FM - Hungary
Spájz - Interview with members of the Hungarian Astrophotographer's Association
Participants: Iván Éder, Péter Feltóti, László Francsics, Lionel Majzik. Presenter: Margó Petz
20/12/2019      PHOTOS


Life and Science - Scientific Dissemination Society, Budapest, Hungary
LXXV/14: Circumpolar (p. 447)


The Globe - Hungarian Geographical Society, Budapest
2020/03 (spring special issue)
01/05/2020      Website of The Globe      Website of the Hungarian Astrophotographer's Association


RTL Klub - Hungary
News - A comet visible to the naked eye appeared in the sky