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About me

I was born in 1992 in Budapest, Hungary. I started my studies in my homeland in Tápióbicske, then I graduated from high school in Nagykáta, and finally I got my teacher's degree in 2014 in Jászberény. I taught in Budapest for nine years starting from 2014. Currently, I work as the head of the Tápióbicske Forest Program Center and Accommodation. I have been a member of the Hungarian Astronomical Association since 2005 and in 2018 I joined the Hungarian Astrophotographers Association, where I also have supervisory and judging duties. From 2021 I am a columnist for the journal 'Meteor' published by the Hungarian Astronomical Association.

I became interested in astronomy when I was just 13, thanks to my teachers. In 2005, with the support of my parents, I got my first serious telescope, which I used to make observations for the Hungarian Astronomical Association. It was my dream to be able to present the celestial objects to a wider audience at any time, not only during the telescopic observations which I organised at that time. There were financial obstacles to this, so a major break came.

In 2015, I started my popular and highly successful astronomy study group at the Rózsakerti Demjén István Reformed Primary School and High School. While I introduced many talented children to the world of the universe and we won several national finals of the Children's Science Research Conference, I felt a renewed urge to fulfil my childhood dream of taking astrophotographs. In 2017, I purchased the necessary equipment and since then, I have been steadily making my images, which have since earned several prestigious international and national awards. Over the past years, I have tried to take a new direction in comet photography and make as many unique photographs as possible.

One of my first serious photographs was shortlisted in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year international competition organised by Royal Observatory Greenwich in autumn 2017. The list of international recognitions has expanded as my photograph appeared as NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA APOD). Additionally, I have achieved category wins and podium finishes in the AstroCamera and ASTRO2021 international astrophotography competitions. My most prestigious international award came in the autumn of 2022, when I achieved a third and two shortlisted places in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. I have been awarded the Young Talents of the Nation Scholarship several times, but I am also very honoured to have been recognised by the municipalities of Tápióbicske and Budafok-Tétény. In 2021, National Geographic Hungary selected one of my images as one of the most beautiful astrophotographs of the year, and I have also been awarded the Picture of the Month or Picture of the Day in various competitions organised by international and national professional organisations.

My images are not only for pleasure, but also for education. In recent years I have had several individual and group exhibitions. My displayed images can be seen at the National Maritime Museum in London and the Hungarian Natural History Museum, among others. My astrophotographs are also regularly featured on Hungary's best-known media sites.

Having a camera, I became more and more interested in several areas of photography. I try to make conscious use of the possibilities in my daytime photography, but my main profile is still astrophotography. Although I have had a lot of successes with astrophotography, but I feel that there are still avenues of development that I need to explore in the future. 

Lionel Majzik

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